Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life Update: Wedding Plannning, etc!

Hey guys! Today I thought I'd write a little blog post updating you on my life currently. I know I've been seriously MIA the past couple of months and I feel awful about it. It's my last year of law school so things have been seriously crazy! Not to mention I am planning a wedding! Yes that's right, Alex and I officially set a date. We are getting married this November 14th!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!! :) :)

Updated SPF Post: CoTZ Face SPF 40, CoTZ Pure SPF 30, and CeraVe Face Lotion SPF 30 :)

Hey guys!! Today I wanted to write a quick post and update you guys about my current SPF routine because I've found a couple of new sunscreens that I am really excited about and wanted to share with you. I am religious about wearing SPF every single day, and these three little products have been instrumental in making sure that my skin is covered and protected.