Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Garnier Dark Spot Treatment Mask, Pacifica Mineral Mascara, Lush Ultrabland, & Lily Pulitzer Wink Perfume!!

Hey guys! Today I have a few goodies to review for you. I know it's been a few since I put a blog post up on here, but I am officially done for the summer so expect to start seeing a lot more of me! I hope your summer is going well so far, mine is going good. I am working as a law clerk at a new law firm which is exciting, and its in intellectual property which is what I am hoping to do, so that's great. Can't believe I'm officially a 3L and graduating next year; so crazy! If you are debating law school or graduate school or anything like that I would say just go for it, the time goes by so fast! Especially if you are unhappy with your job, definitely just go back to school, time is going to pass anyways but would you rather be stuck in a job you hate or working towards something better for your future? Alright, that's enough of my career advice lol time to get into some beauty product reviews!