Monday, November 11, 2013

Pinterest Round-Up

Hey guys, I know I know, I am seriously the worst blogger ever! I apologize for being absent for almost two months, law school has just completely taken over my life. I have a couple of posts planned that I want to churn out asap, but right now my laptop is currently being repaired (pictures I took are on laptop :/ ) so I decided to throw together this little post about things I've been pinning on Pinterest that are seriously getting me through the days. Once I have my laptop back I will be writing another skincare essential post as well as a few product reviews, so stay tuned!

cosmetic bag






Arch of Titus, Rome

All gussied up.

Otranto, Italy

opportunity takes work.

sex and the city

Disclaimer: Not my pictures; borrowed from Pinterest.
Please let me know if you own one of these and want me to take it down.

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