Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Garnier Dark Spot Treatment Mask, Pacifica Mineral Mascara, Lush Ultrabland, & Lily Pulitzer Wink Perfume!!

Hey guys! Today I have a few goodies to review for you. I know it's been a few since I put a blog post up on here, but I am officially done for the summer so expect to start seeing a lot more of me! I hope your summer is going well so far, mine is going good. I am working as a law clerk at a new law firm which is exciting, and its in intellectual property which is what I am hoping to do, so that's great. Can't believe I'm officially a 3L and graduating next year; so crazy! If you are debating law school or graduate school or anything like that I would say just go for it, the time goes by so fast! Especially if you are unhappy with your job, definitely just go back to school, time is going to pass anyways but would you rather be stuck in a job you hate or working towards something better for your future? Alright, that's enough of my career advice lol time to get into some beauty product reviews!

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask

Alright, I don't know about you guys but I still have some leftover scars on my face from my crazy acne years in high school (/first year of law school haha). I saw this Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment mask at Target and thought it sounded perfect for me, as its specifically targeted towards dark spots. Plus I'm just obsessed with sheet masks, who isn't right now? They are just so fun! But anyways, this mask is awesome because it is packed with Vitamin C, which in addition to being a super-power antioxidant, is also amazing for fading dark spots. How it works is it inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, which is used in melanin production, so it prevents hyperpigmentation. In addition, it lightens any dark spots you already have. However, studies have shown that Vitamin C only targets your problem areas, so you don't have to worry about your whole face being bleached. 

This is such a good treatment to use once a week to really drench your skin in Vitamin C, apparently each facial tissue mask is saturated with 1/2 a bottle of hydrating serum. Sounds good to me! I've only been using it for a couple of weeks but I think I am definitely starting to see a reduction in my dark spots. It also leaves my skin so refreshed and bright, I am just loving this mask. Give it a try if you are having dark spot problems too!

Pacifica Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara

As you already know, I am a huge fan of Pacifica products (minus one ill-advised BB cream that I will review for you here soon...), I just love how they have all-natural ingredients and the packaging is just SO CUTE! My boyfriend always says I am a marketer's dream, because I completely fall for all the flashy packaging and advertisements and it's so true haha. But come on, doesn't the packaging factor into at least a portion of your decision-making when shopping for beauty products? Ok just me? 

Haha anyways, if you are looking for a good volumizing mascara, go try this Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara by Pacifica! The brush is so plush and fluffy, it really reminds me of the Benefit BadGal mascara brush except I think this one is actually bigger. There are two colors, Stardust and Supernova, Stardust is the brown and Supernova is the black. I went with Supernova and I love it! It really volumizes and pumps out my lashes, and I never have any clumps. In addition, it has really beneficial ingredients for your lashes to condition them and help them grow strong, such as Coconut oil and Vitamin B. Obsessed! 

The only downside is the color is a little weak, I usually have to do about three coats to get that really dark color that I like. I think maybe the healthy ingredients diluted the color or something but it's no problem for me at all, I usually do several coats anyways. If you are looking for a good volumizing mascara that is more natural, definitely give this one a try! It is a little pricey for drugstore mascaras at $13, but it actually has more product than most mascaras do (0.3 fl oz as opposed to usually 0.23-0.25) which is surprising given its smaller tube... not sure how that works but that's what the bottle says!

Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

Next up is the Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser. This product is a little strange because while it's marketed as a facial cleanser, I actually think it kinda sucks at that. I went into Lush a couple of months ago and of course got swarmed immediately by sales people. I told them I wanted to try something by Lush and was open to suggestions. The guy there washed my hand with this stuff and I was sold! It seriously is the richest most thick "cleanser" I've ever seen, but what really sold me is its smell; it smells HEAVENLY! It has almond oil, beeswax, rose water, and iris extract, and it literally smells like a luxurious, heavily perfumed bee hive. 

It is supposed to be a makeup remover, but I've actually been using it as a moisturizing mask and loving it so much more that way. The first couple of times I tried to use it to actually remove my makeup, I was not a fan. It has no sulfate so it literally does not lather, I just kind of rubbed it around my makeup and pretty soon had a tan goopy mess with black around my eyes. When I tried to wash it out, it took FOREVER to get out, it is so thick and beeswaxy that I literally had to use really hot water to melt it off my face. And on top of all that, it didn't even take off my makeup all the way, I still saw some on my face and if anything my face just felt dirtier and greasier.

Thankfully I remembered what the sales associate had told me, which is that some people just leave it on their faces for ten minutes and then wipe it off with a wet washcloth. I tried it and omg, LOVE IT! It seriously leaves my skin so soft and moisturized, and my hands so soft. Plus I just love the smell, honey is one of my favorite things in life and it smells just like honey with roses and beeswax. It is a pretty heavy mask so I only use it every now and then when I feel like my skin needs some pampering, but I've definitely grown to love it as a moisturizing treatment and will definitely buy another bottle when this runs out!

Lilly Pulitzer Wink Perfume

Alright this last one is a little random and probably won't be much help to you since I'm pretty sure it's been discontinued but I just had to throw it in because I've been loving it so much lately... It's the Lilly Pulitzer Wink perfume! I found this at TJ Maxx and despite not being able to test it, I bought it because I knew it would be good (plus it was only 12$ I think, which is a steal! gotta love TJ Maxx...). I tried to find it on Lilly's website but I couldn't so sadly I think it's been discontinued. However, I am SO glad I found one of the last bottles because this has seriously become my go-to everyday perfume! It is so light and summery, I really love it. The notes are pink freesia, pear nectar, white lily, amber crystals, sensual musk, and rose violet. It's such a beautiful scent without being too overpowering, which is perfect for work. I think I saw a few more bottles so definitely check your TJ Maxx if you want to give this perfume a try! 

Alright that's it for now! Hopefully I've given you some ideas of new products to try! Please let me know in the comments what you've been loving lately!

xo Patricia

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