Saturday, July 19, 2014

Affordable Antioxidant Serums: Desert Essence Pomegranate Face Serum and Trader Joe's Antioxidant Facial Serum

Hello ladies! Today I am going to be talking about two affordable antioxidant serums that I am trying at the moment. As you know, antioxidants are a skincare ESSENTIAL (read my in-depth post on antioxidants to learn more). Unfortunately, a lot of antioxidant serums that are sold at certain stores (ahem, Sephora!) are super expensive. At the end of the day, you don't need to be spending huge amounts of money to get your antioxidant fix. As long you buy a serum with stable antioxidants, effective packaging, and you store it in a dark, room-temperature location, you will reap the benefits. I recently found these two serums that I want to tell you about because they both have a really good blend of antioxidants (remember, combinations are better) and are SUPER affordable. Plus, they are all-natural, which is always a good thing!

Desert Essence Age Reversal Pomegranate Face Serum

This first one is by a natural skincare company called Desert Essence. I came upon this serum on Amazon while I was looking for an affordable, all-natural antioxidant serum. This one jumped out at me because it was only $14.99, which is super affordable for antioxidant serums. In addition, it had some pretty powerful antioxidants in the form of pomegranate extract, Vitamin E, and Coenzyme Q10. Pomegranates are full of antioxidants such as ellagic acid and polyphenols, which are amazing for protecting your skin from free radicals. Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants out there, and has been proven effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Lastly Coenzyme Q10 is another really popular antioxidant that helps rejuvenate the appearance of skin.

This serum also contains grape seed extract, rosehip oil, and lavender oil to nourish and moisturize the skin. I've been using the serum for about a month now and I really like it. It is a bit thicker in consistency then your typical serum, but it really melts into your skin once you start massaging it in. I have been using antioxidant serums consistently for about two years now so I haven't noticed any crazy changes in my skin tone, although it doesn't break me out so that's always good!

Additionally, the packaging is really good; it is opaque and is in a tube, not a jar. This is really important because as I stated in my antioxidant post, light and air can cause instability in antioxidants. I also store it in my bathroom cabinet, which is dark, and stays about room temperature. These are all really important steps for making sure your skincare ingredients stay stable and effective. 

If you want to try this antioxidant serum, Desert Essence sells it on Amazon. (For some reason it's not listed on their actual website).

Trader Joe's Nourish Antioxidant Facial Serum

This next one is a serum I am really exciting about. I was at Trader Joe's the other morning buying a salad for lunch when I happened to pass their skincare section. This Nourish Antioxidant Facial Serum immediately leaped out at me, especially its price, $9.99! A sign next to it said that this serum is sold for $39.99 elsewhere! I took one look at the ingredient list and was sold. This serum is packed with antioxidants, it has Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, pomegranate extract, Vitamin A, green tea extract, resveratrol, and Vitamin E, among others! These are all powerful antioxidants which will protect your skin from free radicals. 

I just purchased this so I have not been able to use it much, although I have very high hopes for it! It feels very silky and smooth on the skin, and has some oil-absorbing ingredients as well. The only downside is the clear packaging, because light can make antioxidants unstable and ineffective. However, I store it in my bathroom cabinet which is pretty dark, so hopefully that will help. 

Alright guys, I hope I've given you some good ideas for some affordable antioxidant serums you can try! 

xo Patricia


  1. Hi! Any updates on the TJ facial serum? How did you like it?

    1. Hey!! I LOVE that antioxidant serum, I still use it pretty consistently!! It has a really great texture and absorbs so quickly! It's like a primer in consistency and makes a good makeup base. Definitely try it out! Antioxidants are so important!

      xo Patricia