Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Hair Inspiration

Hello! So for my first official beauty post I decided to share some summer hair inspiration pictures that I found on Pinterest. Sorry it's not very original but I am currently locked away in a study chamber at the library, trying to study zoning laws but incessantly being lured by the siren call of Pinterest. Figured I would embrace it and then get back to studying!

So here are a few photos that I've found and that I think would be perfect for summer. I'm sure you will notice a trend in that they are almost all updos... I don't know about where you live, but in Georgia it gets so hot and humid in the summer. Definitely not the best for wearing your hair down, especially if you plan on being outside for more than ten minutes!

So lets get to it...

How fab is this top knot?? I think its so pretty, especially with those sunglasses. I actually used to think I couldn't wear top knots, since my hair is very thick and it used to be really long, it would just never stay up. I have it short-ish now but anyways, I tried a top knot again the other day and it worked!

Here is the trick: you have to put your hair in a pony tail first! I was always just twisting it all up there and expecting it to stay. That might work if you hair is thinner, but for us thick-hair girls, definitely need to start with a ponytail. That may have been common knowledge already but I just realized it! But anyways so yeah ponytail, wrap around and secure, and I even left a strand out to braid and loop around the base, looked so cute! Was quite proud of myself. Going to try it with a sock next time to get a more fuller bun like hers.

ANYWAYS back to the pics >>>

Source: hji.co.uk via Patricia on Pinterest

I don't know about you guys but I love Whitney Port! She was always my favorite on the Hills, and I was so sad when her spin off The City got cancelled. I just think she is so stylish and effortlessly chic: exhibit 1, this braid. I love how loose and wavy it is at the top, very laid-back and deconstructed for a lazy summer day. 

Ponytail! such a classic but such a MUST during the summer, especially if your trying to stay cool. I love how hers is curled a little at the ends, its def not your average "roll out of bed and throw you hair in a ponytail" ponytail. Would be perfect for a summer party! You could even wrap a strand around the base of the ponytail if you want to hide the elastic. 

Ah another ponytail just for fun! This one is a low bouncy one, LOVE IT.

Source: elle.com via Patricia on Pinterest

This roll-up is so cute, the pin didn't link to an actual tutorial so I'm not completely sure how she did it, it looks like she put that fabric headband on and then wrapped her hair around it at the base. Not sure if my hair would stay up all day with just that, again, #thickhairgirlproblems, but I will definitely try.

Source: amazon.com via Patricia on Pinterest

Fishtail braid! This is so gorgeous/cute, I can't even. I think to recreate this you would have to do a fishtail braid and then pull at it to give it that deconstructed poofy look. Either way, it's so cute.

If all else fails, you can always just chop your hair off into a cute bob for summer, that way it will always be off your shoulders! That's kinda what I did last summer to be honest, which is why its still short-ish now. I don't know about you but I think this picture of Keira Knightly is GORGEOUS and her hair looks so pretty. It definitely has some texturizing spray in there to give it that messy look.

Alright that's it for now, really should be getting back to studying. 

Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

xoxo Patricia


  1. Loving the top knot! I wish I could pull that one off everyday at the office in summer!

  2. you totes can rachel!!! its all about the ponytail first!! :)