Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome to my blog...

Hello world!

I decided to finally create my own blog after thinking about it and wanting to for so long. Since this is my first post I figured I'd better tell you a little bit about me and what I plan on doing with this blog. My name is Patricia and I am an aspiring lawyer, current 1L student in law school. It's a very stressful learning environment, and I've found that a common way I've been de-stressing lately is by reading lifestyle blogs such as The Londoner (love her) or watching Youtube skincare/beauty channels such as Check in the Mirror (love her too). Through countless hours of procrastination (haha ;)) I've come to amass quite a bit of knowledge on these girly topics! I'm also a complete product junkie, it's becoming a problem. My boyfriend always says that I should start my own blog/youtube channel and while I'm not quite brave/talkative enough to do a youtube channel I thought why not start my own blog? I go through enough beauty/skincare/haircare products, might as well share my knowledge by reviewing some of them! And believe me, I have come across MANY a bust. Hopefully my experiences can help you not make the same mistake.

I also want to do some posts on health/fitness, which is something I'm struggling with in law school. College was bad enough, I definitely gained the freshmen 15, and law school has not been helping. I'm thinking writing about it will inspire me to take my own advice! 

And then there will also probably be posts about other random things I enjoy, such as decor or entertaining ideas, or anything else really.

I hope you find this blog entertaining/informative, or if nothing else a fun way to pass the time when you should really be doing something else!

xoxo Patricia