Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Cream

Physician's Formula Super BB Cream Review

Hey guys! Alright I promised a few posts back that I would let you know which affordable BB cream with physical SPF I was currently loving. I am seriously obsessed with this stuff and I know you will be too. It is super affordable and packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients. Allow me to introduce you to Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Cream

I use this little tube to replace three steps in my daily routine: SPF, moisturizer, and foundation. It seriously is the best product to have on hand in case I wake up late one morning and have to get ready in fifteen minutes (which happens quite frequently I must admit). The coverage is amazing, I would describe it as about medium coverage since I still need a little concealer. It is advertised as having the following beauty benefits: soothing, moisturizing, protecting, firming, priming/filling, perfecting, concealing, brightening, line-softening, long-wearing. Having used this product for almost six months now I can personally attest that it does fulfill all these claims. 

Physician's Formula Super BB Cream Review
So awesome it's practically blinding

First of all it is extremely moisturizing; it has shea butter, perilla seed oil (which is a very rich source of alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid and skincare essential), and other emollients and conditioners to keep your skin soft. It also has two antioxidant powerhouses (Vitamin E & C) in stable forms to protect from free radicals and promote collagen and elastin production. The Vitamin C also helps reduce hyper-pigmentation. Lastly it has willow bark extract which is full of salicylic acid to brighten your skin and keep it looking clear! 

And then, the main reason that prompted me to try it in the first place, it is one of the few drugstore BB creams with physical SPF! I don't know if it's cheaper to use chemical sunscreens or what, but I feel like there are plenty of higher end brands with mineral sunscreen but almost no drugstore brands. This BB cream provides SPF 30 broad spectrum protection using titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which in my opinion is the safest way to go when it comes to sunscreen. You would never even know it had mineral sunscreen from the texture, it is seriously not chalky or thick at all. It has a very creamy texture that spreads nicely and evenly and then very quickly absorbs, leaving your skin smooth and moisturized.

Physician's Formula Super BB Cream Review
See? Blends right in!

In terms of priming capabilities, I definitely think if you have drier skin you could wear just this without a primer, it leaves your skin very matte and smooth. However, knowing my oily self, I usually layer a mattifying primer on the top to double up. I also dust some setting powder before I put my blush/bronzer on. Once I finish I usually spritz some sort of makeup setting spray (loving this hydrating mist with hyaluronic acid by Derma E at the moment) and I'm out the door. 

The only drawback of this amazing product that I can think of is the color range. Currently it only comes in two shades: light/medium and medium/deep. I first purchased the light/medium one and wore it during the winter, however, once it started getting warmer and I started getting more of a tan I switched to the medium/deep one, which was perfect. Thankfully I still have some of the light/medium one so I can show you both of the shades here:

Physician's Formula Super BB Cream Review
The color definitely fades as you blend it in. Looks quite drastic in this picture lol

So yeah, as you can see there is not a wide range of options. Hopefully Physicians Formula will get on this and add some more colors; for now you could totally mix a little of your regular moisturizer in to dilute the color if its too dark, or maybe add some foundation if its too light. 

All in all, this BB cream was seriously the answer to my prayers, and I love it! Particularly in the summer time when everyone is hot and sweaty all the time, I am finding myself reaching for this more and more because I find it actually wears better on my skin throughout the day than my Bare Minerals. 

Hopefully you found this review helpful! Let me know in the comments what you think of this one if you've tried it!

xoxo Patricia


  1. Love the post. This will HAVE to be my next BB cream to try. I'm a new reader. Can't wait to read more!

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  2. we dont have this brand here in my country :(

  3. I will have to try, you made me really want to buy it;)

    Laila | Townhouse Palette

  4. Thanks guys! Yeah it's pretty awesome haha

    And I'm sorry about that Shayne, maybe you can order online?