Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Pet Peeve.....

Hey guys! This post is gonna be really random, but I just had to get this off my chest... Why are sales associates at makeup stores so annoying?? I get that they want to make sales, but seriously, a simple "do you need help" or a quick blurb about a new product should suffice. Instead, I feel as though I am routinely surrounded by pushy sales associates intent on selling me the latest thing. No particular incident inspired this random post, it was more of a combination of makeup store visits over the years that one day made me realize... wow, they are really annoying at makeup stores!

Sephora is not so bad, in fact, more makeup stores should aspire to be like them. Usually they'll just ask you if you need help, and if you respond no they'll leave you alone. Sometimes if you are looking intently at a line they will come and offer their opinion. That is fine. I did have one incident (when I was trying to buy that Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer actually) where the sales woman really wanted to sell me their new BB cream despite me stating that I wanted the tinted moisturizer. They didn't have any left and she said it wasn't being produced anymore, although I went to another Sephora and found it right away. Annoying.

Bare Minerals sales associates can be a little more pushy. Being an avid fan of their foundation and the makeup in general I go to their stores frequently. Every single time I am greeted with "Hello, what are you looking for today?" Such a specific question, and sometimes I don't know! Is it so bad to just want to go in a makeup store to look? To see if anything catches your eye? Well apparently it is, because I responded once with "Just looking" and the saleswoman seemed so taken aback; she replied "Oh, ok..." as if I was the strangest person in the world. 

However, Ulta takes the cake. Some of their sales people are relentless! I had one incident where a sales girl was literally stalking me. She asked "Can I help you?", I replied "No, just looking". Fine. Then instead of walking away she proceeded to stare at me intently as I strolled along looking at the displays. I made the mistake of pausing for a second in front of one and she immediately popped up again and started selling me on the line. I'm not lying to you when I say she literally gave me a speech about how amazing the line was for almost ten minutes. I ended up putting one of their products in my bag just to appease her, but I left it on another shelf later. Annoying!!

I don't know about you, but I like to take my time at beauty stores. I find them therapeutic in a strange way, and I can spend ages just reading bottles and learning about new products. To be constantly interrupted is my biggest pet peeve! Also, I will probably never buy something on a sales woman's recommendation alone, especially when it's a more pricey product. Usually I've done my research online and I know exactly what I'm looking for. Therefore to have to stand and listen about another more expensive product for like five minutes is just pointless to me. 

Alright, that is all! Just had to get this off my chest. Let me know in the comments about your experiences, I know I'm not alone here! Also if you are a sales woman I am sorry if this hurts your feelings, it is nothing personal. 

xoxo Patricia

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  1. Ughh, no kidding...there are certain stores I don't want to go into JUST because of the sales people. I'm like you - I know what I want before I get it, and I'm not going to buy something just because of a 5-minute speech!!