Sunday, April 20, 2014

Augustana Concert at Center Stage!

Hey guys! I know I've been doing a lot of makeup/beauty product reviews on my blog lately, but originally I did intend for it to be a "lifestyle" blog (whatever that means lol) so I decided I should probably vary my content a little... Which is perfect because I just went to an Augustana concert last night, and OMG. Amazing!!

My pictures only got better as the night went on bc we inched closer and closer lol

I've been a fan of Augustana since their Boston days, I think Dan Layus (lead singer) is sooo incredibly talented and every single one of their CDs is amazing (if you don't own Can't Love Can't Hurt, go buy  now, you will not regret). I saw them live once before when they were on tour with The Maine and it was an amazing concert, so I knew this one would be just as good. It was at The Loft at Center Stage, which is a really cool concert venue here in downtown Atlanta. Small and intimate, it was the perfect setting for a fun night of good music.

The opening was a band called Twin Forks, I didn't take any pictures of them but I later found out that that's actually Chris Carrabba's new band! Remember Dashboard Confessional? (who doesn't remember Hands Down lol oooh high school). His new band sounded really good, it's kind of a blend between folksy and rock music. I missed Dashboard Confessional, so I was glad to see that Chris is still making and performing music. They were really good and had the crowd cheering and singing along.

Thoroughly warmed up, we were all ready when Augustana finally hit the stage! 

Get ready for a lot of videos lol I always tell myself before I go to a concert that I will NOT take so many videos and I will just listen and enjoy the music, but for some reason when I am at a concert of one of my all-time favorite bands, I literally go crazy and cannot help filming at least parts of all my favorite songs. Something inside me is just like, YOU MUST CAPTURE THIS MOMENT hahaha. I don't know if that makes sense. Besides, it's not like I'm watching the concert from an iPhone, I hold it above my head and sing and dance along all the same! (sorry people behind me lol). And I'm so glad I did, this amazingness needed to be captured and shared. 

They started off with Either Way, I'll Break Your Heart Some Day, which is such a good song. It's all about loving someone and wanting to make it work but consistently screwing up for some reason you can't explain (at least that's what I think of when I hear it). LOVE IT! 

Augustana is seriously one of the few bands that sounds even better live than they do on the CD. Dan switches up the lyrics and adds lines whenever he feels like it, which I love. Below is a perfect example, I Still Ain't Over You, he adds a line about Georgia stars. Perfect.

In between some of these songs, they also played songs from their new album Life Imitating Life which is coming out soon (I've already ordered my advanced signed copy!). Thankfully, they hit the perfect balance between new stuff and old favorites, including Wrong Side of Love, which is such a beautiful song about loving someone who just doesn't appreciate you.

Then they played my all-time favorite, Sweet and Low. I had to record this whole song because it is honestly one of my favorite songs. It holds a very special place in my heart because there is definitely a night or two early in me and my man's relationship where he had to carry(/drag) me home lol. (hey, it was college!) But he never gave up on me and I know he never will. I will honestly play this song at our wedding. 


This next song literally got me through the LSATs, I'm talking driving to the test center, scared as hell, and BLASTING this song. It was the perfect way to pump me up for the test, and hey, I ended up passing! It's called Shot in the Dark and it's seriously such an upbeat and positive song. It's perfect for running as well.

Next up was Just Stay Here Tonight, this is a great song as well, it's all about missing your sweetheart and Dan was definitely missing his wife (as he sings in the beginning). So sweet!

love this shot!
For the next couple of songs Dan got on the piano. The first one he played is called Fire, this is such a sexy song, it's all about wanting someone so badly it hurts. Love it! I had the camera tilted at first but about halfway through I figured it out and switched it around lol. Sorry about that!

And of course, they had to play Boston! This is the quintessential Augustana song that first put them on the map. If you haven't heard any of the above songs, I'm sure you've heard this one. Chris Carrabba came out near the end to sing the ending with Dan lol not sure if they got the harmonization quite right but he definitely made it more fun! 

That was one of the last songs but once they left the stage the crowd was still going crazy for a good five minutes so they came back onstage and played one more song! It was awesome. Best concert I've been to in a while. I was a little sad they didn't play Meet You There or Twenty Years, as those are two of my favorite Augustana songs, but hey, that's just an excuse to go to their next concert! (who am I kidding, I would probably go either way lol).

So talented.
Alright guys, hope you enjoyed this post. If you love good music, definitely check out Augustana! Their new album drops April 22nd!
xo Patricia

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