Sunday, June 1, 2014

Miller Union in West Midtown!

Recently Alex and I decided to try out Miller Union, a great restaurant in West Midtown Atlanta that specializes in classic southern recipes with a modern twist. Their dishes are very produce-driven, using a lot of locally grown and sustainable ingredients. I heard about them from a CNN article rating the top restaurants in the US, so Alex and I knew we had to try it out!

We were actually celebrating our five year anniversary, which is so crazy to me. It seems only yesterday I was meeting Alex at his fraternity at Georgia Tech. My friend and I had been invited by a boy we knew from high school and we went expecting to get a few free drinks and bail. If only I had known then that the tall, lanky boy with the scruffy hair chatting me up would end up being the LOVE of my life. I like to think that I had a vague feeling of that, and maybe I did. I do distinctly remember seeing kindness in his eyes and feeling safe with him. I have always been a good judge of character just by looking at someone, and after some of the guys you meet in college, it was definitely a rare feeling for me. 

Despite that, I definitely made him work for it lol. I had spent so long chasing the wrong type of guy, I didn't appreciate a good guy when I finally met one. I was so mean to Alex at first; if I could go back in time I would just shake that girl and tell her to open her eyes. I am so thankful Alex didn't give up on me and that we ended up together because he is seriously my best friend in the entire world. He treats me like a princess and I love him so much. 

OK enough of that trip down memory lane lol time for the food!

Ready to order lol

We started off with cocktails. Alex got the Miller Thyme which is gin, lemon, and thyme. It tasted about as good as that sounds lol Alex loved it though! I got a girly fruity drink, of course. I can't remember what it was called but it had strawberries and bourbon I'm pretty sure. Either way, it was soooo good! 

For an appetizer we got the quail, served with dirty rice and a sherry glaze. I've never had quail before, and it did not disappoint. It is pretty much a gamier tasting chicken. In texture its a little more chewy and stringy, but delicious all the same. The dirty rice was yummy as well, especially paired with the sweetness of the sherry glaze, and there was plenty of it. 

Next it was time to ponder what we wanted for our main dishes...

This is Alex's "why are you taking so many pictures" face lol

Because I'm a sucker for lamb and anything braised, I decided to go with the braised lamb shoulder served with roasted carrots and beets, all topped with a heaping spoonful of cilantro and mint yogurt. This dish was soooo good, the lamb was buttery soft and almost melted in my mouth. The carrots and beets were crisp and flavorful, and the mint yogurt was a great touch.

Alex went with the seared duck breast, served with turnips, fennel puree and lemon. He loved it. I had a bite of his duck and it was pretty good! 

his framing leaves much to be desired. lol

And yes, we had to try desert! Since it was our five years we decided to just pull out all the stops. A lot of their deserts incorporated produce and herbs, which I thought was pretty cool. They had a beet red velvet cake, which I basically had to get. It was served with goat cheese icing and a scoop of tarragon ice cream. SO GOOD! You couldn't really taste the beet in the red velvet cake, although the goat cheese was really strong in the icing. I am obsessed with goat cheese as it is, so I was basically in heaven. 

Alex got the rhubarb-oat streusel tart with candied ginger ice cream. I'd never tried rhubarb before so I had to steal a bite of his. It was really good, although I was not a fan of the ginger ice cream. It was literally ginger ice cream, and had a very strong ginger taste. Alex loved it though, so I guess it depends on your personal taste.

They do not skimp on the portions here!

All in all, it was a great experience that we will definitely repeat at some point! They really put so much thought and effort into every detail of every dish, and it shows. Every single thing we ordered was a rich and flavorful experience with so many beautifully layered ingredients. If you want to give them a try, their website can be found here.

Alright guys, thats it for today's post! I have a few beauty product reviews coming soon so stay tuned!

xo Patricia


  1. OMG YUM. These food pics are killing me as I sit starving at my desk...ughhh.

    And awwww this post was so sweet! You two are a fantastic couple!!! :)

  2. It's been the best five years of my life! Love hearing our meeting for your point of view <3