Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hautelook Haul + Tips for Jewelry Scavenging on Hautelook!!

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you my latest Hautelook jewelry haul, as well as a few tips for finding quality jewelry at a low price on Hautelook that I've developed over time! My friend Casey and I are pretty much obsessed with Hautelook. In case you don't know, its a really cool online store which posts new sales every day at 11 am. You have to be a member to gain access to the sales (its free to join!) and you have to be fast, because things sell out quick! 

Hautelook is owned by Nordstrom so its basically discount designer stuff from Nordstrom that doesn't go to their other discount store, Nordstrom Rack. They have everything from clothing to accessories to home decor to beauty products, and its all on sale! Be forewarned though, this site is seriously addictive!!!! You have a 15 minute time frame after you put something in your cart to make a purchase before it goes back to the sales rack, and something about that time pressure plus the ridiculously low prices really makes me a little buy-happy sometimes haha.  

Thankfully they have a really easy return-policy so if you buy something you're not happy with you can always return it! (unless its marked final sale.) But yeah, this site is awesome. I mostly use it to buy jewelry, because I typically like to buy clothing in person so I can try it on, although I've definitely bought a couple of tops and a few dresses form Hautelook in the past and been very happy. 

Alright, on to the haul! Here are the latest beautiful pieces that I recently got in the mail:

How cute!! The two earrings are by Foxy Originals Inc. and are their Casablanca and Dalia designs. They are handmade and plated in 14k gold, and I seriously love them. I honestly have a whole earring holder full of gold earrings, I just can't get enough. Gold earrings are my favorite because they really match my skintone and go with almost everything. These earrings normally go for $24, but I got them for only $12, 50% off! 

The necklace is a really pretty gold sunflower necklace, I can't remember the designer name but it was originally $60 and I got it for $17! It is gold-plated as well. I really like this necklace, its a beautiful statement piece that I can wear with a plain top to jazz up my outfit. 

Now, on to my tips!! My tips are this:

1. Put in basket now, assess later

Especially with jewelry on Hautelook, it really seems to sell out fast. I think its because they only have one or two of each style, so if its a really pretty design, it's gonna go fast. My advice is to go to the sale and quickly scan the page, putting a piece that you think is super pretty into your basket right away, and once you have a couple, taking the time to assess which ones you actually want to buy. That way you can take your time deliberating while still not missing out on a great piece because you were too slow to put it in your basket. 

2. Get the most out of your money

What I mean by this is really pay attention to the materials of what you are buying and what it was previously priced at. Hautelook is amazing because you can get really good deals, but its important that you take advantage of that. For instance, they have pieces that were formerly priced at over $100 that have been reduced down to $20. To me, that is much more valuable than a piece that was priced at $40 but has been reduced to $20, because chances are that the one that was priced higher is of better quality then the one that was only $40. Of course, go with the design you like the best, but if its between two that are similar in design, go for the one that was made with the best quality materials (i.e. gold, sterling silver) and has been reduced the most.

3. If you're on the fence, hold out

This tip only works if you get to a sale later in the day (i.e. not right at 11) and you see a piece of jewelry that is still there but that you're not quite sure about, because that means that it probably won't be sold out. Hautelook periodically has these insane 80% off everything sales in which they go through their inventory left over from previous sales and reduce it EVEN MORE!!! This happened to me totally unintentionally once; I had seen a pretty gold necklace that was on sale for $40 that I wasn't sure about so I decided to pass, but then the massive 80% sale happened and it was on the jewelry page for literally $20! I snapped it up at that point and was sooo happy I held out for the massive sale.  I can't guarantee this tip will work for you, because sometimes the piece will just sell out, but its worth keeping in mind if you are on the fence about something!

Alright thats it for today! I hope these tips help you if you decide to give Hautelook a try!

xo Patricia

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